There are over 70 Taco Trucks in Benton/Franklin counties!! We have done the research, and these are the top 3 (in our opinion.)

3. El Cazador Taco Truck – Located in the Viera’s Bakery parking lot, you really can’t go wrong with El Cazador. They have a great variety of tacos to choose from, along with a good selection of taco plates that include rice and beans. Pricing is cheap, $1.25 for a taco. The burritos and plates are all over $5, but still, that’s DIRT cheap for the amount of food you’re getting. We recommend the pork tacos. From our “research” we have discovered that the pork at El Cazador is FAR superior to the beef or chicken. We like tacos, we like pork, and we LOVE the pork tacos at the El Cazador Taco Truck. Oh, and they’ve gone and pimped out the taco truck itself by adding a flat screen TV to the outside. So now you can demolish a dozen tacos, watch some soaps, and only be out a few bucks. It’s a win, win….win.

2. El Quetzal- Located in the car wash off of Lee in Richland, El Quetzal slides into our number 2 spot. As far as taco trucks go, this place deserves some major props. Tortas and Burritos are $4 and all the tacos are $1.25. Now, while this is a post about tacos, the honest truth is…. Their burritos are really what put this taco truck on our radar. Not going to lie, the tacos are good… but those burritos are to die for. You will be completely stuffed by the time you leave. Oh, and the service is top notch, the server/cook is super friendly! So, give them a shot, get a burrito or a few tacos, you won’t regret it.

1. Tony’s Tacos – Nope, you’re not seeing double, Tony’s made our last “authentic” taco list as well. Guess what, it made this list too…probably because it’s just THAT good! Located just down the street from our office (if the team was here any more often, we would have to MOVE our office to the parking lot) Tony’s Taco’s is by far the BEST taco truck in the Tri-Cities. 3 words sum up Tony’s – Cheap, Fast, Loaded. The food is dirt cheap, about $1.25 a taco…. Which makes going to Taco Bell absolutely pointless. They are fast! Even with a big line you’re not waiting around all day for some good grub. This is probably a good thing; otherwise the team would be gone all day…. And Brett would have to do even more work than he already does. Just because the food is cheap and fast doesn’t mean that they skimp on the food. They STUFF those tacos! I dare you to eat more than 3…. No seriously, try it. It’s just not possible.

There is no doubt that there are a TON of options when it comes to taco trucks in the Tri-Cities. There are also a ton of options for real estate agents in the Tri-Cities. There’s a reason that these taco trucks made our top list… they offer top-notch food and service… just like we offer top notch service in the real estate world. If you’re buying or selling, you need to experience the difference of The Baker Team.