In our very first episode of Spotlight On Tri-Cities, we are sitting down with Sid Grant, owner of the Tri-Cities 911 Driving School... and watching to see if Brett can parallel park a car. 

If you have teenagers that are getting ready to start driving there is no doubt that you'll be looking for a driving school to get them started. In Tri-Cities, 911 Driving School is the place to go if you want your kids to learn from the best of the best - all of their instructors are either retired or current police officers. 

Drivers education is a big part of a teenagers life, so making sure that they get started on the right foot is extremely important. 911 Driving School offers teenage drivers 30-hours Classroom, 4 hours drive simulation, 5 hours behind the wheel, behind the wheel observation (1 hour minimum), and the DOL Knowledge test. 

There are also driving programs for Adults as well as state testing for those moving from another state into Washington. 

911 Driving School has 2 locations in Tri-Cities; 

6607 W Canal Dr, Kennewick - 509-736-0911

3501 Rd 68, Suite 101, Pasco - 509-544-0911

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